What You Will Find Common In Every Chevrolet SUV

Chevy SUVs have always been the most recommendable vehicles through decades. Those are the vehicles that hold a brand name that is associated deeply in respect of performance and reliability. These are the two virtues that every Chevrolet SUV model guarantees you, but the brand has developed itself through years to offer still better things to its customers, and the result is, you get some common goodies packed in every recent Chevrolet SUV, irrespective of the model and the trim level you choose. 

Safer Option to Drive

The Smithfield Chevrolet dealer experts were proud to announce that car safety has always been the topmost priority for Chevrolet. The recent SUV models are the best examples of how Chevrolet ensures safety in each of them. The safety features installed in Chevrolet SUVs include the latest technologies that create Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Alert, Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking and Forward Collision Alert. Automatic emergency brakes are found either as standard or as an option on every Chevrolet SUV, depending upon the model and trim level you choose. 

Flexible Cabin 

Depending upon the Chevrolet SUV model you choose, your chance to arrange it as per your need is the promise that every Chevrolet vehicle would promise you. Chevrolet will always split its SUV models into 60/40 ratio. Most of them will allow you to fold down the rear seats, to access more of cargo room, when there’s a need to carry bulky items. Chevrolet engineers have installed a new Smart Slide Second-Row seating to make the access to the rear of their vehicle easier than ever before.

Advanced Technology

Since the launch of Chevy’s in-house infotainment system MyLink, every Chevrolet SUV that got released in the recent years will enable the drivers to access a host of different useful applications. Starting from an excellently accurate navigation to playing the user’s favorite radio station, the Chevrolet SUVs will never fall short of any technological advantage. The last year SUV lineup of Chevrolet can now boast of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration that allows the drivers to connect and use their smartphone seamlessly without touching the handset. To help you stay connected to the world as you travel, Chevrolet also enables 4G LTE Wi-Fi, in your SUV.

Performance Ability

Take any Chevrolet SUV, what comes with it as an assured advantage will be its performance ability. The engineers at Chevrolet are dedicated in designing a vehicle that will have a lightweight suspension, which will enable it the best possible fuel efficiency without compromising the performance ratio. The engine options will range from being a mild city driver to a roaring highway and off-road ruler. Each Chevrolet SUV you buy will be equal to pet a workhorse in your garage.

Comfort Cabin

If you are planning to buy a Chevrolet SUV, from a reputed showroom like that of Smithfield Chevrolet, be rest assured about the level of comfort you are going to offer to your family members. Chevrolet SUVs have always been spacious, equating the idea of comfort with individual space. The materials used in every Chevrolet SUV will be a mix of premium quality cloth, leather, synthetic, wood and plastic that will make you feel comfortable whenever you touch and feel them. The seats will be supportive always to make a long drive feel like a short one.