What It Is Like To Work In Marketing

It is easy to see the appeal or working in marketing because it is inherently cool. Marketing thrives on innovation, change and the latest technology. From the outside, this can look like the perfect career for anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of society and work with people. The question is what is it really like to work in marketing?

The experience that you have in marketing will depend on the company you are in and the role you have. Marketing has a lot of different opportunities that you can specialize in from events to SEO to social media. There are some people who work as in-house marketers for a brand while others prefer to work for a number of clients through an agency. Regardless of the role you choose, you can expect your average workday to be varied with a great work-life balance, good pay and a lot of opportunities to become creative.

Get Into the Habit of Putting the Customer First

One of the benefits of working in marketing is the fact that it is a very human field. You will get into the habit of putting the customer first whether you are working in data analytics, social media or branding. This habit will result in you empathising with the customer and foster brand loyalty to make a success of the campaign.

The saying that the customer is always right will take on a new meaning when you work in marketing. This is due to the fact that you are working to get inside the head of your target audience. Doing this will become easier when you have experience in the industry and you will learn to understand the different desires and needs that your customers have. You will also discover who they are, what you could expect from them and the value that you are able to offer them.

No Two Days Will Be the Same

Marketers will always tell you that no matter how much they learn, there will always be something new that they can discover. This could be anything from using new tools to automate parts of the marketing process to new data that you can use.

Now is actually one of the best times to pursue a career in marketing. The growth of social media and other digital platforms has increased the gadgets and platforms that businesses have to promote their products or services to customers.

“Marketing can be a varied field, particularly if you if you are working with an agency where you represent clients from various industries and walks of life,” says a marketing agency, Muze Creative. There are many marketers who love their jobs because they are able to do what they love and get paid for it. Of course, there will be times when you feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill because some marketers offer quick fixes and spam techniques. However, if you are a creative person who has a bit of a geeky side, marketing will be the perfect career.

The Good Work-Life Balance

If you want a job that you will never be taking home with you, then marketing will be the best option. According to the Glassdoor list of best roles for a good work-life balance, there are 6 jobs in the top 25 which are marketing related. This will include an SEO manager, a digital marketing manager, marketing analyst, social media manager, content manager and marketing assistant.

When you have good job security and a stable income, you will feel less dissatisfied with your job and this is good for your mental health. Marketing is not a particularly cut-throat industry when compared to others and there are plenty of jobs with cosy work conditions. The median pay in marketing is also not bad with marketing managers in the USA earning $127,560. In the UK, a marketing manager will earn a median salary of £32,752 and in Germany, they will earn €49,894.

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