What Do You Understand By The Term Marriage?

What is the definition of marriage?

Marriage is a combination of two spirits in one soul. Marriage means when two couples or spouses are combined to each other through marriage. Marriage is also referred to as wedlock or matrimony. Marriage is a socially and ritually union that establishes rights and obligations between two spouses. Elite matrimony is the best matrimonial site that helps people in matchmaking. Girls and Boys can find life partners for them easily on this site.

What are the reasons for doing marriage?

There are so many reasons for doing marriage. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • The first and most important reason for doing marriage is that people forward their generation after doing marriages. After marriage spouses have a right to make love and to produce offspring. Forwarding generation is the most important thing that is done after marriage only.
  • After getting married people can easily divide their work and bills. This is the other reason why people do marriages.
  • Doing marriage is all about doing unconditional love to each other. Marriage tells us that some are there who loves us unconditionally.

These above mentioned are some of the reasons that say marriage is important. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing marriages? Some of the advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:


  • Marriage is a right to make love and forward generation: This is the most important advantage of doing marriages. After doing marriages the spouses have the right to love each other and produce an offspring. The main reason for doing marriage is also forwarding of generations.
  • Having unconditional love: When you marry someone you love them unconditionally and this unconditional love tells people that someone is there who love them. So, the other advantage of doing marriage is the unconditional love between the spouses.

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  • Division of work and bills: After getting married people can easily divide their bills and work. This will help them to keep proper time to each other. This is the other advantage that says marriage is an important part of our life.


  • Reason for fights: After getting married people to fight on useless topics. Sometimes the fight is related to the family. After getting married groom has to take care of the wife’s family and wife to take care of the husband’s family. This is the reason for fights between the husband and wife.
  • No personal freedom: After getting married both the husband and wife impose obligations and restrictions on each other and this again causes a fight between a relationship. People do not get personal freedom after getting married.

These above mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married.

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