Travelling To Rome: Best Souvenirs And Goods

Are you planning a trip to Rome? Have already compiled a list, which sites are you going to visit? Then you just need our selection – “What to bring from Rome?” We will tell in details which souvenirs should be paid attention to and how much it will cost.

Do not rush to buy small souvenirs in the first days of travel. Take a walk around the city, get acquainted with the range and prices in souvenir shops and only then buy some memorabilia.

Classic souvenirs from Rome will always be relevant. Their main advantage is that they are inexpensive and suitable for almost every wallet. Magnetics (1-2 Euro), lighters, charms or openers for beer bottles (1.5-3 euros), mock-ups of Roman architectural masterpieces (2-10 euros), Venetian mask (10-20 euros), Religious souvenirs.

Stylish pottery or porcelain is also perfect as a souvenir. Roman stores of designer dishes made of ceramics are able to delight even very sophisticated people in art. Each item is made and decorated by hand. The prices for this reason are quite high. A handmade cup with saucer is valued at 20 euros. Larger dishes (jugs, salad bowls, vases) – at 30 euros and above.

In memory of the capital of Italy, it is customary to bring dishes and ornaments from Murano glass, which is famous throughout the world. Tourists like to buy glasses or wine glasses of bright-saturated colors: red, blue, green, burgundy, yellow. These things perfectly fit into any apartment as a decoration, pots for flowers or a container for storing small goods. Wineglasses on a long stem are sold for 15 euros, the cost of glass can reach up to 25 euros. One small glass costs at least 6 euros.

Fans of handicrafts can look for specialized stores. For example, in Bartolucci, there is a huge assortment of beautiful things made of wood, which produce an incredibly pleasant aroma. Here you can find caskets, watches, cup holders, cutting boards, traditional Italian toys Pinocchio. Prices are different.

If you are still confused about what to buy as a souvenir for the right person, then you should look at food stalls:

  • Sausage and jerky. Trademarks Mortadella, SalameVentricinapiccante, Culatello and Cotechino are the most Italian in Rome;
  • Be sure to buy real green olive oil;
  • Italian cheese Parmigiano, Gorgonzola Dolce or Grana Padano is in every store in Rome. This is a natural product with no preservatives;
  • Multicolored pasta, Italian pasta, balsamic vinegar, dried Tortellini, cookies, sweets – that’s not a complete list of gastronomic purchases of tourists;
  • Staying in the capital of Italy, only a teetotaler will not understand what to buy in Rome, local alcohol is needed for everyone. Italians drink liqueurs Amaretto Disaronno, Amar Montenegro and Limoncello di Sorrento. These drinks should be bought only in wine boutiques and large supermarkets, so as not to run into counterfeits.

Do not forget about yourself!

You can treat yourself buying a wedding dress, a fur coat or a doublet, branded shoes or a handbag. Leather and fur products in Rome are the standards of quality, beauty and durable use. An excellent option – brand watches and designer jewelry made of gold. It is believed that Italy is in the first place in design among all jewelry manufacturers.

We hope that our information will help you during your stay in Rome, and especially not to bother about gifts and souvenirs. Spend this time on shopping and attractions! Take the best car rental in Rome and hit the road!

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