Things To Consider While Buying A Washing Machine

Planning to buy a new washing machine? Then are certain things which you should consider while buying a new washing machine.

Efficiency: The first thing which you should consider while buying a washing machine is its efficiency. Remember, you should always buy a more efficient washing machine to enjoy more savings on your energy and water bills.

Size: The top loading washing machines are generally narrower than the front loading units. Hence, if you think that you don’t have enough space in your home then you could chose the top loading washing machines as they can easily fit in your home but make sure there is enough space on top to open the lid.

Wash Settings: Check the features of different washing machines online to understand which one can meet your requirements. Most of the washing machines today are equipped with excellent options like delicate wash, child lock, digital display and etc.

Load Capacity: You may require a washing machine with high load capacity if you have more than 4 members in your family. For the people with small family it is better choose units with medium load capacity. If you are single then the small capacity washing machines would be perfect choice.

  • Washing Machine (5Kg):
  • Clothing – Two shirts and two pairs of jeans
  • Household – One bed sheet, two pillow cases, two small towels and two dish towels.
  • Washing Machine (7kg):
  • Clothing – Three shirts, two pairs of jeans
  • Household – Two pillow cases, three small towels, two bed sheets and three small towels.
  • Washing Machine (8kg):
  • Clothing – Three shirts and three pairs of jeans
  • Household – Four small towels, three pillow cases, two bed sheets and four dish cloths.
  • Washing Machine (10kg):
  • Clothing – Three pairs of jeans and four shirts
  • Household – Three bed sheets, three small towels, six pillow cases and four dish cloths.

Material: You should also check the material of the drum before buying a washing machine. You get to opt from plastic and stainless steel. Obviously, stainless steel is tough and durable but even the plastic ones are improved for durability.

Dryer: Most of the washing machines are equipped with a dryer. Dryer helps to save time drying clothes and are even helpful during chilly and humid months.

Washing Machine – Load Types

Front Loading: Front loading type washing machines offer good wash quality. Moreover, you don’t require more water to wash clothes in this type.

Top Loading: The best part of the top loading washing machines is they are very easy to operate. Besides, they have short wash cycles and are highly energy efficient.

The top loading washing machines and fully automatic front loading machines from LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung are very popular in India. If you are looking for some hot deals online today then do use the price comparing websites. Opt for essential advanced features to avoid adding of total price.

Buy your favourite washing machine today to save time, money and energy!

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