Things To Consider When Buying Mattresses

Getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance for our body and the most important element to that is a mattress. It also depends on a lot of other factors like comfort, stress level, room temperature but it’s a universal fact that mattress is the most basic and utmost requirement. In today’s time, there are a lot of options to choose from, it depends on your requirements for e.g. some people require a mattress which is too firm or too soft or have dimensions specifications and requirements.

Researchers in Spain suggest that people with back pain should sleep on a firmer mattress to support your pressure points, so your body stays in one place throughout the night. However, for old people softer mattresses are recommended. In today’s time, buying a mattress is like a long-term investment and return is sound sleep. So, here are some steps to consider before buying a mattress:

1. Type of Mattress

As there are tons of options out there this is the hardest choice to make. The most mattress types are hybrid, latex, memory foam, coils, pillow-top, adjustable, etc. A hybrid is a combination of two mattresses this is for someone who wants the best of both worlds. Mostly, people go for latex plus memory foam because it provides great support, bounce, and the correct amount of pressure for your back. Latex is a softer mattress, which has more bounce, cooling, and responsiveness. Memory foam is a firmer mattress with properties like support and more pressure relief. Coils are the most widely used mattresses; they provide great bounce, cooling, and strong support. The coils in the mattress provide the great bounce and cooling effect, whereas, the first layer provides the pressure relief. Pillow top is an extension of coil mattresses; it has a layer of soft material over the two layers of coils, which provides cloud like support and the most comfortable sleeping surface. Adjustable mattress is kind of a customized mattresswhich allows customers to adjust the position of the mattress.

2. Budget

Due to booming online, as well as brick and mortar business, customers can get good value for money on their mattress. In this industry, a good price does not always equally meansgood quality. It is believed that mattresses in stores are much more expensive than online, as virtual stores are able to remove large margins, which were used to cover cost like rent and maintenance. Remember a mattress lasts about 8-10 years. So, don’t compromise on the quality. Otherwise, you will be compromising on a good night’s sleep!

3. Firmness

This is specific to each customer requirements for e.g. someone with a back pain should buy a more firm mattress, as it creates pressure points and someone who is looking for more bounce and support should go for a softer mattress. Usually, most people opt for an average of 4-7 level of firmness out of 10. 

4. Position

Most people forget to take into account this factor, which is the position you sleep in. Everyone has their own unique position they sleep in, some curl to the side while some take support of their back or stomach. For side sleepers you need a softer mattress, whereas, for people taking support of their back or stomach need a firmer mattress to create pressure points.

These are the major points you need to consider before buying a mattressOther than this, there are factors such as your body weight, comfort level, time etc. that matters.

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