Things To Consider When Hiring Freight Forwarding Company

Import and export of goods, raw materials and equipment is a very common component of many businesses. However, depending on the origin and destination of these goods, business owners have to tackle a lot of bottlenecks in the form of customs clearance, national and international borders and handlers. Therefore, it is very common for businesses to hire services of a freight forwarder Felixstowe. Availing these services ensures a hassle-free import and export experience for the business owner.

While the primary responsibility of a freight forwarder is to transfer the product from its origin to its destination in an undamaged state, there are a variety of other services that these companies provide. These additional services are discussed in the following sections.

Listing all items

Ideally, these companies should be involved with the client from the beginning of the export or import process. This means that their representative should make a list of all the items that need to be shipped to another destination. At the same time, notes should be taken regarding the condition and appearance of individual items so that a comparison can be made after the item reaches its destination.

Packing all items

Then, the company representative should ensure complete and tamper proof packing of each item. The packing material should be carefully selected and should offer reasonable protection against the elements of nature. In addition, items that are to be shipped by flight should be packed with lighter packing material to reduce costs.

Preparing and pasting labels

A typical freight forwarder Felixstowe should offer assistance in preparation and pasting of labels for all the items that are to be shipped. This label should include all relevant information that allows easy identification of the contents and its origin and destination. In addition, the label should also specify the nature of contents of the package and its weight and dimensions. If international shipping is being made, it is better to have this information in the language of the destination or transit points as well.

Keeping a record of documents

Since import and export of goods requires goods to pass through several checkpoints and controls, it is the duty of the freight forwarding company to maintain complete records of necessary documents like the commercial invoice, the bill of lading, inspection certificate, custom declaration, certificate of origin etc. Having these documents within easy reach will prevent undue delays.

Managing the shipment

The freight forwarding company is responsible for handling the shipment from the time of its departure from origin until it reaches the destination. If during transit, the shipment encounters any unforeseen delay, then the company is responsible for its safe storage in the warehouse.

It is vital to ensure the competence and reliability of the freight forwarder Felixstowe you choose. The company should have a contract that clearly and explicitly mentions the provision of insurance against damaged goods. In addition, the track record of the company should be a vital consideration before you entrust it with the task of exporting or importing your goods.

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