The Truth About Areas In Venice

Town of Venice has a specific geography as well as a millenary history that’s made up of an extensive and lovely artistic and monumental legacy, which has left the city an internationally acclaimed tourist destination.

All its streets and canals provide a particular history with magnificent palaces which it is possible to meet without missing out on the most outstanding and renowned of the so-called city of the lagoon. Discover with us exactly what to see and do in Venice in 1 day.

Top of the 6 must see locations in Venice

First we’ll reveal to you those places to visit in Venice in a day that will allow you to enjoy the good culture of this city.

  1. The royal gardens of Venice

They are an oasis in the middle of town, also a vestige of Napoleon’s authorities that attracts a magical setting to Venice. Watching them is completely free and can be a substantial space to talk about a moment with all those you love.

  1. St. Mark’s Square and Cathedral

Right in the heart of Venice is that this exceptional square that is surrounded by magnificent palaces, in which the palace is the angular star that through its separate mosaics and specifics makes this area an imposing building.

  1. Bridge of Sighs

This magnificent bridge joins with the Ducal Palace and the prison of the Inquisition having an intriguing contrast of history. Its architectural beauty will take a few moments to consider different details that make it up.

  1. Doge’s Palace

Located at one end of San Marcos Square is the Ducal Palace, and it’s currently a museum which expects architectural components of Gothic, Byzantine and Renaissance styles.  You can visit the chambers where the bulldogs lived, the Maggior Consiglio room, the armory room that has a collection of different weapons and armor, and also appreciate the works of art by Bellini, Veronés, Tintoretto and Titian

  1. Church of San Sebastián

The church of San Sebastián is among the significant churches for town since it anticipates good functions of Venetian art.

  1. Rialto Bridge

Being the earliest and most famous in Venice, countless tourists undergo it to respect its layout and reach the Rialto market full of life color where you will enjoy new crop fruits with the flavor of Venice.

Now we’ll show you what things to do in Venice in Italy.

The very first thing that you should do is consume the delicious ice creams”gelati” of unique tastes and super economical are a portion of these must-see items when visiting the city.

Tour the neighborhoods of the city and discover the secrets and mysteries of its roads and individuals.

Sailing at gondola, vaporetto or boat. Every one of those alternatives is corrected to the wishes and market of most tourists.

Enjoy the festivals of the beloved Venice is ideal to enjoy a exceptional atmosphere full of good food and music existence.

As you can see there are lots of visits and activities that you could do and things to do in Venice in one day, each one of them easily and without danger.

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