The Social Revolution Vs Muay Thai

The health of an average person is not what it used to be. Back in the old days the average person was skilled enough to repair his own house, take care of horses at stables, do this and do that. Today the scenario is completely the opposite. Instead of being independent, we are slaves. We’re prisoners of the 6-inch ‘AMOLED, Gorilla Glass’ screens of our smartphones, or as I like to call it, The Social Revolution.

Our entire life revolves around this hand-sized piece of gadget and even more importantly around social networking apps. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are the great outdoors of today. And this has considerably limited us in our physical fitness. We don’t move around or go out. We have a hard time doing the most basic of tasks. And we rarely stop to think where we’re going.

During all of this conundrum we lost our once great health. Sitting around all day staring at bright screens day in and day out has left us with weakened muscles, decreased stamina and variable levels of bad eyesight and brainpower. The psychological effect is greater still, with a dramatic rise in diagnoses of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Simply put, our bodies were never meant to stay aground. We were built to roam and experiment, to see and conquer, to feel and experience. Our entire physical structure was meant to be used and tested, otherwise conditions like Muscle atrophy and immune failure occur where we no longer remain fit to handle the daily stresses of life.

How do we reverse it maximally within minimum time? How do we return to the once great health that we had? We do it by taking a trip with Muay Thai

More accurately translated to ‘Thai Boxing’, Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It’s an ancient martial art that encompasses the use of the human body as a method of defense as well as offence. The close combat strategies of Muay Thai not only make it a very powerful and speed-based art, but also very effective for weight loss and fitness regimens. The raw simplicity of Muay Thai has astounded tourists from across the globe when they see all manner of people practicing it, from young children to senior citizens, from all walks of life. 

Muay Thai is the foundational martial art of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Tournaments and from there has gained worldwide recognition as the most effective combat technique to date. Understandably millions of people from around the world have taken a keen interest in the art. Tourists flock to Thailand to witness this fight and fitness technique and yearn to train in it. Muay Thai is taught in a number of training camps throughout the country. Recreational gyms train enthusiasts for a variety of purposes, while ‘Nak Muay’ gyms almost exclusively train professional fighters. Foreigner focused training camps cater to tourists who are taught Muay Thai from a fitness regime perspective.

Muay Thai such as and other exercises can easily reverse the negative effects the social revolution has had on us all. Question is, however, that will you take the first step? 

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