The Rising Curve Of Online Proctoring Services

Often certain topics are mired in confusion. You have heard the terms or have a little degree of awareness regarding some subjects. But you fail to understand the nitty-gritty of it. One such concept is online proctoring.

Some questions which remain as doubts in our minds have been covered here. Read along.  

1. Why are online proctoring services on the rise?

  • E-learning growth and demand
  • Elimination of costs related to proctored examination and assessment centers
  • Saving the time and money of learners
  • The lack of infrastructure such as computer labs to get exams administered
  • A specific focus on work-related apprenticeships
  • An alignment of learning and assessment to real needs of organizations

2. What agencies/people use online test proctoring?

  • Assessment Providers- There are some agencies or organizations which provide ready-made tests for assessment and aptitude test. They offer their assessment sets to recruiters, clients, and students. The other ways such providers offer test services are for college admissions, promotions, certifications, so on and so forth. How can online proctoring services help assessment providers?
  • As the test administration becomes faster and cheaper, these assessment providers become valuable partners
  • Increased opportunities for additional income
  • improvement of service-delivery of on-demand tests anywhere anytime
  • Remote proctoring allows global business

Online education providers like MOOCs and universities- Online teste are a great way to prove your skills and update your portfolio continuously. But they are facing a lot of heat from all the quarters for the verification, validity, and quality of online programs. The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 makes verification of a student’s identification appearing for online examinations mandatory for all universities and colleges of the US. A majority of universities to the count of 500 use online test proctoring. Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs such as Coursera and edX also use these services.

Certifying agencies- MS, Oracle- The certifying agencies use proctoring services for exams like Salesforce and Microsoft:

  • Improving business bottom line by enabling completion of certifications from home
  • Reducing the costs of certifications with the elimination of proctored test centers
  • Expansion of business and market by venturing into new avenues
  • Maintenance of audits on demand

3. What are the implications of online test proctoring services?

  • The test administrators are assured of remote proctoring support and systems. They have a reasonable belief in the exam security and administration
  • Exams from MOOCs and online universities are duly testified to be validated by an authority which the certifications obtained all the more authentic
  • For students, there’s a whole new universe opened for them. They can give exams from multiple locations and in any time zone
  • All data is stored securely such as audio and video logs and screenshots for future references    

Everybody loves convenience. Proctoring services offer convenience to more than one party. It involves students, test administrators, and the agencies offering examinations and certifications. With these services now available for mobiles, giving exams has never been this easy.     

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