The Pros And Cons Of Custom Written Papers

Custom writing services are a great help for many students. When it comes to writing assignments, many of these students would not write them if they could. But since they are a huge part of their final grade, there is no way around them once the professor hands them out. They have to be done one way or the other, no matter whether you hate the subject or feel overwhelmed.

But instead of doing the whole assignment from scratch, you have another option that can take the burden of writing the assignment and place it in the hands of someone else, making sure you hand in a quality assignment on time. Custom writing services offer unique papers written from scratch by a professional on the topic you have been given. But as with everything, buying custom written papers has some pros and cons, and we are going to look at some of them.


Here are some of the advantages you can get from purchasing a custom written paper:

  • Someone Else Writes Your Paper

Once you pay someone from a professional writing service to write a paper for you, it is now out of your hands. You can rest or do some other things while the professional researches, writes, edits, and proofreads your paper to perfection. If you don’t like it, you can tell them to make revisions until you are happy. When you get your paper, all you have to do is to follow this guide and create a masterpiece wasting no time on researching the issue and wait for your passing grade. This saves students’ time, considering the fact that the average college student is terrible at time management.

  • You Have a Sample

If you used the custom writing service because you didn’t know how to go about writing your assignment, then you will get a well-written sample. This sample is something that you can base your current and future writing work on. This will really speed up the writing process than if you had started the entire paper from scratch.

This sample is also good for people whose first language isn’t English, such as ESL students. Learning to write in another language is difficult and having a sample that follows all the rules of English and is edited to fit academic standards is a major help when it comes to the language practice.

  • Gives You Ideas

If you need the custom written paper as a sample, you can actually get some ideas from the example and include them in your own writing work. The good part is that these ideas are well-researched and thought out by the professional who wrote the paper, meaning you can trust that they won’t be off-topic or irrelevant.

  • Shows You the Proper Structure of a Paper

Once you get your paper from the custom writing service, you can see how to properly format and structure your content so that it makes logical sense. Sometimes, this is not necessary since your professor will probably give you a structure to follow. But if you aren’t given a structure, a custom written paper is a great way to learn how to structure academic papers.


Buying custom written papers has some disadvantages. Some of them are minor, while some of them are big.

  • You Can Get Scammed

Sometimes, you can think you are paying someone to write your essay for you when all that is really happening is that you are getting scammed. You will put the assignment out of your mind, expecting that it will be delivered on time, only to never hear from the writer ever again.

  • Doesn’t Improve Your Research Skills

The whole point of giving you these assignments is so that you develop your research skills and learn more about the topic. Having someone to write it for you robs you of this great learning opportunity, something that might be of great use later on in your career.

  • Costs Money

If you buy a custom written paper from a cheap service, you will get what you paid for; something that is poorly written. This is the same as losing money. Furthermore, great writing services aren’t cheap, and you will have to spend money to get a professionally-written paper.

  • You Can Get Plagiarized Content

Some writing services are shady and can just copy and paste content from other sources without paraphrasing them in their own words. When you hand in such a paper to your professor for marking, it will definitely get flagged for containing plagiarized content, which can lead to an automatic fail or worse.

Other writing services have gotten into the bad habit of taking the paper you commissioned them to write and posting it online for other students to buy. The problem here is that your professor can easily find it, and you will be caught for plagiarism.

  • You Risk Getting Caught

Getting caught can put your entire academic career in danger. This is the risk you must consider if you are ever caught. If the custom writing services aren’t mindful of your abilities, they can produce a paper that can be obvious to the professor that you are not the one who wrote it.

  • Missed Deadline

Some writing services tend to bite off more than they can chew and take bulk orders they can’t deliver on time. This means that you run the risk of missing your deadline because they might not deliver on time.

As you can see, custom written papers are extremely helpful, especially for the overwhelmed student who needs some extra help. Although they have some advantages, they also have some disadvantages that carry with them some serious consequences.

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