Song SAA Foundation- A Welfare Organization

Song SAA foundation is a private organization, which works for the conservation of few communities. This organization was established and started in 2013. This continues the conversation duties since when we first landed in Koh Ouen. However, today our conservation community has expanded widely that it is beyond the archipelago borders. We aim at conversation and protection of habitats of Koh Rong Archipelago. We have built the kingdom’s first Marine reserve and now we have also developed an NGO. We have become a coastal marine NGO after the efforts of all these years. Apart from the protection of archipelago species, we also have people to understand their importance and live the life without harming the environment. To have this amazing experience, feel free to volunteer with local NGOs im Cambodia.

Our duties

We aim at providing services to local people and maintain the conservation of communities. Our conservation community is vast and is spread to land, water, and the local community of people. We aim at preserving natural environment along with Welfare of people.


We are committed to the protection of marine habitats and all other sea animals. Our conservation committee is spread in Koh Rong Archipelago and in the coastal lines of Cambodia. We support community fisheries, marine conversation programs, and coral nursery. We also have some programs, which aim at protecting sea turtles, mangroves, and Cambodia’s rare species.


We aim at improving the standard of living of local people by various programs. This is done by providing necessary medical facilities, educational services, and other few facilities. We provide support for organic farming and also to maintain the sustainable development within the community.


Song SAA Organization in the land work to conserve the species and habitats of Koh Rong Archipelago. All the Terrestrial habitats get protection and service from our support. We have several protection programs in mangroves and rainforest system. In addition, we offer waste management program which is not very well expanded but we wish to expand it to three other communities. This program includes recycling of waste and composting too.

Our achievements

We can proudly say that after all our hard work; Song SAA foundation is able to put a positive impact on the communities. Not only we have conserved and protected many of the species but we have also encouraged people to do so. People are now more aware of the security of land and Marine animals. Awareness has equally spread about the waste management and polluting seawater. Under these upcoming 5 years, we aim to work with Asian Development Bank to implement the scheme for water catchment system. For the betterment of our climate, we have planted mangroves and established coral reef. This is all done for the betterment of animals and marine species.


We have been given generous donations from people until now. Any organization, institution or people are welcome to donate. Song Saa appreciates any contribution large or small. Anyone is welcome to volunteer with local NGOs in Cambodia and give their contribution.

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