Reasons Why You Should Get A Spine Surgery

There is something so scary about the spinal cord, that even showing the doctor for a pain down the area can feel a little intimidating. People tend to sit for years with that pain till it starts becoming unbearable and finally when you show a doctor, he recommends that you go under the knife.

If timely shown you can get rid of these problems with medication management, spinal injections, or a combination of these two. The strangest thing is that so many people have these back problems but ninety percent of the people out there have never seen what an OR looks like. However, to make these people aware of the fact that they actually need a surgery, it is important that we look at surgery as not something that is bad and fixes a body part (but never it’s former glory) but look at it as something that actually makes you better and helps your body to function properly.

Given below are three reasons why a patient should get a spinal surgery to intervene and heal her back and neck.

  1. It takes the pressure away from the nerves: There are a few conditions like disc herniation and spinal stenosis that put pressure on the nerves by compressing it inside the spinal cord column. This leads to problems like numbness, pain, muscle weakness, tingling and sometimes even worse problems. Spinal surgery is required during such a time to avoid a permanent problem, because when a spine problem becomes permanent, it can lead to bending of the spinal cord and other problems. Surgeries like ALIF, XLIF and laminectomy are extremely helpful to prevent something like this from happening.
  2. To make an unstable spine stable. An unstable spine is defined as the kind of spine that is unable to maintain its proper natural curve under normal conditions. When this happens you will see many people walking with a hunchback. A proper healthy spine gives the back, support, protection and provides structure. However, when a spine becomes unstable, it can no longer perform these functions, nor can it hold the spinal ligaments together. The muscles, bones and the discs also cannot be held together properly so as to give way to essential bodily activities. Unstable spines can be seen in conditions like spondylitis, fractures and also a condition known as an extreme disc injury. This is why the best spine surgery doctor in india says it is very important to get operated if the slight pain progresses to severe back and leg pain.

Surgery is often required if symptoms progress to intractable back pain, leg pain, or a big problem resulting from a pinched nerve leading to neurological imbalance. These results can be achieved through PLIF, ALIF or something like a Lateral Interbody fusion.        

  1. Realignment of a crooked spine. The natural alignment and curvature of the spine can be affected by conditions like scoliosis, flat-back syndrome and kyphosis. This can lead to various impairments. For some problems like kyphosis and scoliosis, surgery isn’t required. It can be made better with physical therapy and bracing.


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