New Mosaic May Be Included In New Burntisland Primary School As Head Teacher Announces Project To Put A Stamp On The Building

outputimageMosaics are a common sight in schools across the UK. These tiled creations can be placed indoors or outdoors, and they can make fantastic art projects for youngsters. Under the guidance of their teachers or artists, pupils can design and make impressive artworks that stand the test of time.

In many cases, these creations reflect the projects and subjects that students have been involved in. They can also be used to celebrate particular events, like the opening of a new school. Indeed, one head teacher from Scotland is planning to do precisely this.

Putting an original stamp on the school 

Julie Anderson, who was recently appointed as the head of Burntisland Primary, is asking creative people with previous experience to put forward their ideas for a piece of artwork that will be incorporated into the new building. The artist will work alongside pupils at the school, Fife Today reports.

She and the rest of the school’s management team are keen to put an original stamp on the new school.

Ms Anderson noted that the artwork could be anything from a mosaic to a sculpture or a plaque. However, whatever it is, it must be unique to the building. The new school is due to open in August this year.

Commenting on the initiative, the head remarked:  “We are looking for anyone with an artistic background who has a connection with our school to help lead this commission. They could be a former pupil, an artist with a child at the school or someone living in the town. We are asking for them to submit their proposals which will be created working with the children which will be built into the school, working with the architect.”

In keeping 

Unsurprisingly, Ms Anderson wants the ideas to be relevant to the area. About this, she stated: “The ideas should be in keeping with, and relevant to, the town – and there is a desire to keep it local.”

Meanwhile, artists should also bear in mind that the proposals should be no more than two pages of A4 and they should provide examples of their previous work and the experience they have on similar projects.

Igniting a creative spark in youngsters 

Art projects, such as those involving the creation of mosaics, can really ignite a creative spark within youngsters. Seeing ideas make the journey from simple sketches and thoughts to impressive pieces of artwork that the entire community can view and admire is hugely rewarding to students.

In some cases, getting involved in arts and crafts like this at an early stage can help to awaken a passion for creative pursuits that lasts for an entire lifetime.

Thankfully for schools, it is now easier than ever to access the relevant resources. For example, if they are on the lookout for mosaic tiles, they can head online to peruse their options. There are lots of different products to choose from and the process of ordering is quick and simple. All people need are a spare few moments and a web connection.

Anna Longdin writes regularly about arts and crafts. So that she’s always in the know when it comes to the latest industry news and developments, she visits sites such as Hobby Island.

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