How Can You Protect Your Income From Wage Garnishment?

The moment you start ignoring paying your debts you should know that the day is not far away when you will receive an order from the court. Then you are forced to pay your debts out of your income, which is known as wage garnishment. Although ideally it should never come to this point but at times due to different circumstances it happens. So when this happens one should know the ways to protect ones income

Taking Services Of Wage Garnishment Attorneys:-

To protect your income from garnishment, wage garnishment attorneys can help you by filing for bankruptcy. Once you file for bankruptcy you have to inform the creditor about it and this will help in protecting your income so that it does not disturb your family.

File A Claim Of Exemption

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You have to undergo the process of preparing and filing paperwork that will help in protecting your income. In this claim you have to write your name. the name of your creditor and the case number which is assigned to you. In this claim you have to describe that which type of exemption applies to you so that you can save substantial amount of your wages. These documents have to be filed with the clerk of court office where your case has been filed. This can be alot of work and if one is not good with paper work than it is better to go for wage garnishment attorneys who can assist you and let you know whether the garnishment papers contain proper information and they can file for you as well.

Exempt incomes

Thankfully not all of your income will be subjected to the garnishment. According to the federal law, income that is considered exempts is your social security benefits, retirement income, pension as well as the public assistance. However, there are some circumstances where you have to face garnishment even for the exempt income. Therefore, it is very much essential that you have a good wage garnishment attorneys to help you with these so that you can get the maximum benefit.

Talking To The Creditor

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At times before going to any other means of saving your income the best one can be talking to ones creditor. One can talk to the person and explain the problems because of which one was not able to pay his/her credit. Maybe after taking the creditor may allow a increased tenure of payment and within that increased time one can pay the debts. Additionally one can try and convince to reduce the interest amount or not to increase it further which will additionally help in paying the debt.

All being said, wage garnishment is the last of the step which a creditor may be forced to take so it is better to have an open line of communication with the creditor and save your wages. But if the situation arises then you have the above options to try and save your income from wage  garnishment.

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