Honda Activa 5G First Ride Review Ft. Blue, Yellow, Red Colors

Honda two-wheelers have been quite popular all throughout these years and Honda Activa is one of the best selling scooters till date. Although it was launched a long time back, but ever since the introduction of the Honda Activa it has been an all time favourite of a million riders. It is a fuel efficient scooter and has lived up to this all these years; and now in the year 2018 Honda Activa has been revamped and re-launched as Activa 5G. This new scooter quite a lot of new features and a design which is quite impressive; the new Activa has both standard as well as premium models.

Honda Activa has competition from the TVS Jupiter but those who have used Honda two-wheelers before know about the vehicles being quite competent, which is also the case in the all-new Activa.

The key features

  • The new model of Activa has LED lighted indicators as well as headlamps, which are great for visibility while driving.
  • This model has the ECO speed indicator in the deluxe model as well as there is a digitalized analog meter.
  • The 4 in 1 lock is new and quite unique.
  • The 5g Activa’s body is fully metal, just like the other Activa models that have been launched in the past decade.
  • There are hooks in this new scooter for carrying stuff conveniently.
  • The eco-technology is used which helps in making the engine efficient which leads to better mileage.
  • The storage capacity of this new scooter’s tank is also high which is better than the previous models of activa.
  • There are tubeless tyres in the new Activa, which is another amazing feature.
  • Service Indicator is another new feature that has been added to the Activa 5G.
  • It is an elegant looking scooter, which can garner quite a lot of attention.
  • The new Honda is an optimum performer all because of the various new features that can help in giving high mileage.
  • Socket for charging the mobile is another thing that is of great convenience and is new to the Honda Activa.

The colors of the all-new Activa

The new Activa is available in two new colors; the pearl Spartan red and the dazzle yellow metallic along with the other colors that were there in the previous models also. So the 5G model is available in total 8 colors.

This new generation Honda Activa was launched at the Auto Expo this year, its unique features have revamped the whole look of the previous models, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity in just some time. The standard model of the Activa 5g is priced at Rs. 52,460 while the other higher model has been priced at a whopping Rs. 54,325. So if you want to have an all-new experience of riding the Activa then Activa 5G is just perfect, though it has a few competitors in the market but nothing can be compared to Honda.

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