Have You Seen This Paradise On Earth?

After Kashmir, if there is a mini paradise on earth, then its right here amidst Nandi hills. With greenery scattered all around you have an enjoyable moment with your family and friends. To look after your boarding and lodging needs, comfortable Nandi hill resorts are loaded with several amenities and enjoyable games, that are impossible to resist.

If you are looking for an enjoyable and unforgettable vacation, then this is the place for you. Situated near Silicon Valley, the resort enthralls visitors with its mouth watering food. A variety of snacks and food is served throughout the day. With an Eco friendly theme the place comes under  a responsible tourism category. The fruits and vegetables are free from any kind of pesticides and are grown locally. This way you get to know the different eatables that are eaten by people living there.

The adventurous Kabini jungle resorts are a paradise for adventure lovers. These forest resorts give you a complete feel of real forest by making your arrangements in tents and cottages. Here you can enjoy the starry nights, discover your own constellations, sing and dance around the bonfire. There is no break to enjoyment, that flows uninterrupted at the named place.

The Madhumalaiwildlife sanctuary that resides in its vicinity is one stop place for grabbing exclusive information on wild animals. Wildlife photographers visit the place for capturing photos of the wonderful flora and fauna. The nature lovers get to see rare and beautiful flowers that surround the place. The pleasant weather helps in blooming flowers and small plants. The temperature remains pleasant throughout the year, so you have plenty of chances to visit the place and enjoy its ample games.

Walk down your childhood lane and bring out the playful child hidden inside by trying its fun activities. Touch new heights and discover new cave. Go for Parasailing,Paragliding, Zorbing, heliumstick and many more. This is just the few to name. The list is endless. The visitors love to try river rafting and other thrillinggames that are one of the reasons, the resort is crowned as best adventure resort in Bangalore.

They say there is God in paradise, yes!Your resort has many temples. One of the famous ShivaParvatitemples resides nearby. All necessary arrangements are made to the temples, so that you can easily travel and seek blessings.

The paradise on earth is loaded with mesmerizing landscape. This serves an excellent background for Selfies and photo shoots. People visit the resort for their pre-wedding shoots amidst natural environment. Nature lovers have green grass to walk on and feel the tickling of dew drops. It’s an excellent venue for meditations and doing yoga. Breathe in fresh air and soak in the goodness of nature to feel energetic on reaching back home.

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