The End Is Coming – How Will The World Really End?

Human beings have always been fascinated by the end of the world. Throughout history, there have been theories and predictions from Biblical times and the Ancient Mayans with stories of God’s reigning down fury, to more current end of the world scenarios such as climate change and nuclear war. Throughout history, many people have found fame in claiming to predict the end of the world – Nostradamus is probably the most famous of all of these people. Recently, the end of the world has been a hot topic once again, not solely limited to cults and religious fanatics, but to regular people, who are building bunkers deep underground using an online outdoor survival store to ensure have the best chance of survival, stockpiling weapons and food, and preparing themselves for the end of days Here are just a few of the ways that the end of the world may come about…

Artificial Intelligence – This one has been getting more popular in recent years, with many people warning us about the dangers of Terminator style robots taking over the world, including genius Stephen Hawking. AI technology is improving quickly, with realistic sexbots becoming popular and robots that are able to have seemingly emotional responses, AI is a very real danger. It may not even be that they mean to, but any a machine programmed wrong may have the ability to unwittingly wipe out the human race or even all life on earth completely by accident.

Zombie Apocalypse – Zombie horror has always been popular, from Shaun of the Dead to The Walking Dead, it seems that human beings can’t get enough of the brain eating baddies. But how realistic is a zombie apocalypse? Maybe not as unrealistic as you may initially think – scientists in laboratories all over the world are always producing new medicines, cures and bacteria – some are so dangerous that they are sealed away in secret government locations and have the ability to eradicate the entire human race. If a worker at a lab were to unwittingly manage to create the worlds’ first zombie, and inadvertently allow it to escape, it could be as easy as that.

Aliens – Another favourite from the world of science fiction, and the inspiration behind books from War of the Worlds to films like Independence Day, the threat from the skies beyond our Earth and possibly even beyond our own galaxy is how many people believe humanity will end. Many people believe that aliens exist, and some believe that they have already visited Earth. There are a lot of unexplained mysteries out there surrounding this theory and it is an interesting read, whether you believe that the end will come form aliens or not, why not have a look at some of the evidence and make your own mind up….

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