Easy Ways To Help Keep Hackers Out

Hackers have so many ways of getting into private networks and files it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them out. Despite the many pieces of software and security apps available there are still many people who are victim to hackers and cyber attacks. Although there are no complete hacker proof solutions, there are some easy steps you can take to help keep your personal data to yourself.

Ever heard of browsing in incognito ( or navigazione in incognito in Italian )? Now’s the time to get clued up.

Make your passwords really complex

Basic straightforward passwords are child’s play to hackers and won’t really be worth the two seconds it took to put it in place. Cracking passwords can easily be done by hackers if the said password is based on something like an address, name, pet’s name or partner. Getting access to your basic information is easy for them so in order to make a great password you need to really mix it up.

Start working the navigation in incognito routine by creating a password which is so random and obscure that your own partner wouldn’t be able to guess it. Use a combination of both small and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. And above all, don’t save the password on to your device. If the wrong person gets hold of it they can be in faster than you can say data.

Use the two-factor routine

If available, always use the double authentication method of accessing websites and your accounts. Although it takes you a little longer to access each website in turn, it is much safer and forms an additional security barrier to help keep the wrong people out of your personal files. Some of the biggest sites like Google and online banking systems already use this method and it proves to significantly reduce the risk of hackers penetrating the system.

Get clever with security questions

Never use the correct answer for security questions. Yes, it makes them harder to remember yourself but for the same reasons as passwords, it can be easy for cyber attackers. If you are asked to write down the answer to a question such as your mother’s maiden name, fill in an answer not even closely related. This will not only keep a hacker busy as they return to their sources to check their answers but if they keep on entering it wrong a signal may be received by the site and they can lock down the account to keep you safe.

Read all the terms

Arguably one of the most tedious tasks before downloading content or getting a new product, reading the specified terms is crucial to your safety. Some apps, for instance, come with a set of permissions which allows them to access your private data. If this is something you don’t want then the time comes for you to reconsider using that app or service. If you’re unsure, stop.

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