Discover The Different Types Of Dumper Trucks

When it comes to an HGV on the road there are a number of different types besides just the typical delivery lorry. As surprising as it might be, there are actually more than 50 different types of HGV and each type has their own license categories and purposes. It’s common for us to focus on delivery lorries and forklifts and for that reason, we decided to take a look at a dumper truck.

Regardless of whether they are delivering materials or being used to empty rubbish, they are very useful and anyone who learns drive one will almost certainly have a job. Here is some useful information regarding dumper trucks.

Types Of Dumper Trucks

There are a few different types of vehicles that fall under the category of dumper truck. They are all used for the type of jobs that you commonly see advertised here and elsewhere. These include:

Rigid Dumper Trucks

This type is particularly good for large loads and construction projects. They are fast and durable. This allows them to move between material yards and construction sites easily. Their one drawback is the fact that they typically only run on open roads because they can’t easily be manoeuvred in confined places.

Tracked Dumper Trucks

This truck is very good when driving in difficult weather conditions and for rough terrain and for this reason they are often used at construction sites. They’re very safe and this increases the safety of other vehicles because they help to flatten out the driving area as they go. When a construction site is in its early stages these are often the trucks of choice.

Articulated Dumper Trucks

After the construction material has arrived, this truck is used. They are tough and run well even on difficult terrain but they don’t have the capacity to handle heavy loads as much as rigid dumper trucks do. It’s necessary for a very skilled driver to handle one of these and it’s unlikely you would be selected for it without having first had some professional training.

Mini Dumper Trucks

“These are smaller and can be driven by someone with a category B license,” says an instructor at HGV Driver Training Centre. They’re very simple to use and often used for garden and home projects. Other dumper trucks weigh different amounts and require different licenses to operate. But the ones discussed above are the most commonly used around the world.

Which License Do You Need?

For most situations, you will only need a CAT B license to drive. This is standard for any drivers license given after January 1997. Even so, you shouldn’t just jump into one and start driving. It will be necessary for you to get your construction plant competence scheme license before you can apply to drive one of these for a company. This helps to ensure you are a safe driver. If you’re wanting to drive a dumper truck that weighs over 3,500kg then you’ll need to get a CAT C license. This is similar with other vehicles where the type of license needed is dictated by how much it weighs. Having a license to drive one of the heavier vehicles will further increase the likelihood of a job being available on one of the large construction sites.

What Can You Earn?

Most drivers feel it’s very rewarding work. They play a role in building neighborhoods and clearing them up. Another thing that is liked is the fact that it pays well. Depending on the job listing, their salaries can range a bit and much of it is determined by skill and experience. Typically a driver can earn between £23,000 and £35,000 per year.

How much is determined by a number of factors. These factors include the type of license, the experience the driver has, and their work history. Even so, some of these jobs are in high demand which means anyone who is properly licensed has a high chance of landing a premium job.

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