Christmas Sewing Projects To Make For Winter

Feel festive as you sew with one of these great ideas for a crafty Christmas. You could pick one to enjoy yourself or opt for something to make that would be a great gift to give away.

The world is your Christmas pudding when it comes to what you could decide to make, and there are plenty of choices for the novice seamstress or child, along with choices for the more established sewer to enjoy. Ideas range from a Christmassy outfit for you or your child and stockings to hang up for Santa, decorations, throws, pillows, towels, aprons and bags.

Christmas stocking

A Christmas stocking is incredibly easy to make and can make Christmas Eve even more special. Youngsters will love hanging out stockings for Santa that they have made themselves. The shape to cut out is extremely easy, so no artistic ability is required. The sewing up can be done by hand or with a sewing machine.

Santa apron

You might want to make something for yourself to protect your Christmas clothes during the dinnertime rush or when you’re trying out the Christmas recipes on the BBC Food website at, or perhaps you want to make an apron to give to someone else. This is another simple shape with minimal sewing experience required, and the choice of fabrics from the likes of makes it incredibly versatile, too.

You could choose to cut out a simple design from pretty cotton poplin fabric or go to town with pom poms and knitted Christmas puddings to create a truly unique Christmas gift or treat for yourself.

Christmas cushions

Choose some great festive fabric, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t make a Christmas cushion even if you have barely sewn a thing before. You don’t even need to put a zip on your design unless you want to, although it can help if you want to keep it clean to use another year.

Christmas placemats

They say that you start eating a meal with your eyes, which is one of the reasons that people work so hard to make their festive lunch table look really special. You could choose to fill it with shop-bought pretties, but an alternative is to make unique placemats that really fit in with your Christmas theme and family.

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