Can You Use CBD Oil For Building Your Muscle?

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are aware about many health benefits offered by CBD, and also, they know that CBD oil can also help in building muscles. You will find many bodybuilders are now regularly using CBD along with their workout.

CBD oil or wholesale CBD will not only help in building your existing muscles, but also it can help in regaining your muscle mass, which was lost because of any illness or injury.

Although, plenty of research are still to be done in this regard, however, whatever knowledges have been gained as a result of various research, we can say that CBD oil possess necessary properties, which can help in building our muscle.

Legal issues related to CBD use for bodybuilding

As far as legality issues are concerned, medicinal and recreational use of marijuana may vary from state to state. So, it will be worth asking whether CBD use is legal for that area. 

Due to the federal legislation, and also standards by FDA, CBD has become legal in 50 states and people in these 50 states can buy and use CBD, which is generally extracted from the industrial hemp.

In order to digress the legal issues related to CBD for bodybuilding, we may look at following 3 influential legislations of the federal government:

Federal farm bill of 2014

This legislation is also called as agricultural act passed in 2014, and this farm bill will permit agriculture department of any state to cultivate or grow industrial hemp, that is also defined as cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC concentration.

This percentage will be on the basis of dried weight for academic or agricultural research. For similar reasons, higher education institutions can also apply for cultivating industrial hemp.

Omnibus Appropriations Act passed in 2016

This legislation is also called as funding act, and this omnibus appropriations act passed in 2016 will support and expand on the above agricultural act passed in 2014.

It will allow the use, sale or processing of any industrial hemp, which complies with the standards of farm bill. standards. Thus, with the help of this legislation, all the door gets opened up for bodybuilders to buy and use CBD supplements.

Drug Code 7350:

After the funding act and farm bill, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) of USA clarified about legality of CBD. This new code of drug -7350 explains, CBD obtained from any industrial hemp will be legal, as per 2014 agricultural act.

However, the CBD must come from certain part of the cannabis plant, which is legal, e.g.  the stalk.

Few pharmaceutical companies, e.g. GW Pharmaceuticals, who produce synthetic type of cannabis medicines actually threatening the CBD legality because their products are getting approved for authorization for new drug by the FDA.

That will in fact counteract the federal food, drug as well as cosmetic act, that does not permit any sale of such products, which is approved for any investigative authorization of new drug.

CBD oil use for building muscle will provide a natural treatment without any negative side effects like use of hormones. However, you must consult your doctor prior to using them.

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