The Best Ways To Clean Windows

Nothing quite compares to a spotless room bathed in light from freshly cleaned windows. But getting your windows spotless is a difficult task for many. Smears, water run-off and stubborn stains can mar them – and your view of the outside world. Never fear, though. We’re on hand to tell you how to get those windows glittering like fine crystal in no time. You just need some elbow grease and the right equipment.

The Traditional Methods

We’ve all got a cleaning product we call upon when all else fails. Perhaps it’s a brand leader or a traditional cleaner your mum used to use. One product people come back to time and time again is white vinegar. The acrid-smelling liquid seems like the perfect product for those holding the purse strings. It’s cheap and easily found in most supermarkets, and it will undoubtedly leave your windows shinier than a brand-new Porsche. But while your windows will sparkle, vinegar doesn’t kill off all germs on the window’s surface.

Instead, try soap and water. Applying soap and warm water using a soft, lint-free cloth cleans your windows up a treat, but care must be used to remove smears using a second cloth. It’s also not as environmentally friendly as some cleaners out there.

You can find reasonably priced products in the supermarkets that balance cleaning power with care for the environment. These work well with old crumpled newspaper in place of paper towels. All you need to do is scrunch the paper into a ball and dip into, or spray, with a cleaning solution. Once finished, dispose of the newspaper and you’re done.

Repair When Needed

Of course, windows won’t be perfectly clear to see through if the panel is damaged. One of the tell-tale signs of a failed unit is a build-up of condensation between double glazing panels. Repairing these is difficult, so we recommend getting a quote from a qualified Dublin windows and doors supplier such as to repair or replace the offending panel.

Once they’re fixed, you could always try a technological approach to cleaning. Steam cleaners are an efficient tool for spotless windows, working at a high enough temperature that the steam blasts away bacteria with ease. Afterwards, wipe away excess water or use a window vacuum attached to remove run-off as you go along.

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