Are Zigbee And Z-Wave Signals Reliable?

Making the right decision for your home automation system is definitely one of the hardest one to opt for. What are the new technology gadgets which are the best for this purpose or which new technology is the most reliable? There is a lot of question oneself about because a home automation puts a lot of things on stake. You basically have your complete home devices relying on that single automation system. Majority of people have smart locks, doors and so much more that relies on their networking system. This is why, making the right pick is very crucial.

There are a lot of new technologies out there now and Zigbee vs Z-wave are two of them. These two are mesh networks which have a completely different agenda of functioning rather than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, these two are extremely secure systems that one can rely upon.

How reliable is their signal?

Zigbee and Z-Wave are smart products and their basic trait is to make life easier. You want the devices to be easily connected and you expect that the connection won’t be lost easily either. If your home automation system stops working out of the bolt or doesn’t work seamlessly; it can be quite frustrating.

When it comes to signal reliability, Z-Wave is much more reliable than Zigbee. Z-Wave runs on a frequency band of 908 MHZ. On the other hand, Zigbee uses a 2.4 GHZ band which is quite crowded and doesn’t run that seamlessly as Z-Wave does. Crowded frequencies have very unreliable signals which can be lost easily.

Z-Wave signal reliability is much better due to the frequency band it uses; it is very less crowded. You are going to experience close to no signal issues stemming from Z-Wave.

It is not to say that Zigbee is not reliable but when it comes to signals being seamless and smooth, Z-Wave certainly wins the game. It is all due to the crowded frequency band that Zigbee uses. However, Zigbee might not be perfect but it still does offer you a lot of security. But if you are looking for perfect signal reliability then probably Z-Wave is going to be the best bet to make by all means. It is going to be easier to get a range and signal dilemma with Zigbee rather than Z-Wave; so make a smart choice and pick the best one for your home.

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