Amp Up Your Hotness With These Golden-Brown Hair Colour Ideas

Brown is typically plain hair colour. But should it always be like this especially when considering to use it for your hair? No. when you incorporate a touch of gold to your brown hair, you instantly add shine and dimension to your tresses. Besides, it boosts your confidence since you now know you have a golden brunette hair colour. See this page for more info.

But how do you achieve this inspiring look? Don’t worry; we have all that you need to be there. Below we have the best ideas for golden brown hair colour that will inspire your next styling. Scroll down to read and choose your best match.

Golden Brown Balayage.

This is a beautiful balayage hair featuring a mixture of vanilla ends and caramel highlights. The hair reaches shoulder length, and it is effortless to maintain and the addition if blonde framing layers for face framing is ideal for a woman looking for golden brown hair shade to brighten her look.

Warm Medium Tones.

This is a modern take on natural brown colour. The red hue complements well women with warm skin tones and those with fair skin tones and green eyes. The hair roots are dyed to complement the highlights in tone for flawless colour fading.

Long Golden Highlights.

This look is both natural and plain neutral. It is wake-and-go brown locks with golden accents. This is because the hair uses balayage technique to work out the locks seamlessly and the hair is maintained the same length and shaded with the same shade all over as opposed to what an ombre look would appear. It is a flawless look and suits everyone.

Golden Layered Hair.

Incorporating a lot of layers throughout the hair reflects the golden-brown hair hue in the light. So, this is the best hairstyle to showcase your highlighted brown tresses with a lot of movement and shine, with many layers flowing from the roots to your shoulders. To make it more striking, after adding light golden hues, blow dry your hair.

Dark, Warm and Wavy.

Incorporate the warm hints in your hairstyle by highlighting your natural and neutral dark hair or simply colouring the hair roots black for a sultry hair shade. Matching golden brown hair colour with black roots brings out the vibe of brightness. Nevertheless, you can choose to include highlights closer to the base if you need brighter colours near the bottom in your next styling.

Deep Golden Brown.

The deep-shaded hints blend effortlessly onto to medium black brunettes. The style flawlessly complements your dark skin tone. Those with than skin look great too when in the sun. This look appears excellent on women with curly hair but can also be rocked by any other hair type.

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