A Grand Treat For You : Grab It Now!

Being treated special just for a day or night is indeed dreamy. Don’t you love a fine dining with a scenery of breathtaking lights of Hong Kong Grand City? Isn’t it an experience waiting to come true? Wait no more, Asia Yachting can be a perfect company to make you the most special person in the world. If you have a business meeting, a reunion with friends, a celebration like your birthday, a family gathering or a date with your partner, this company is the best that can give you the high class feels that you deserve.

Be a treated as a King or a Queen with the prestige luxury motor yachts of Asia yachting and for more shreds of evidence of their highly recommended performance, check out these updates from the company :

  1. Asia Yachting to hold Monte Carlo Yachts Open Weekend in Hong Kong

From the outskirts of Venice to the heart of Belgrade, the organization has created sea splendors for prominent individuals around the globe, such as Carlos Slim, one of the world’s wealthiest man, and film director Steven Spielberg, to name a few rich and famous. Each MCY model is built to stand the test of time, perfected with the essence of genuine Italian craftsmanship. The design team of the company owns over 20 years of experience in luxury superyacht design.

Custom-built to realize your dreams, every detail is meticulously defined on an MCY to visualize concepts and beyond. From fabric to flooring, the MCY fleet has been numerously awarded for its recognizance in technology and innovation. Leading luxury yacht dealer, Asia Yachting, is showcasing three of the admirable collection of Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY), a world-renowned Italian luxury yacht brand.

  1. Asia Yachting Successfully Holds Hong Kong’s First Evening Brokerage Boat Show

Asia Yachting aims to gather and show the best brokerage yachts available in the market through each brokerage show. On display were 6 yachts ranging from 42ft. to 82ft., including the Princess 42, Azimut 58, Princess 64, Monte Carlo Yachts 65, Horizon 78, and Heysea 82. The venue was decorated with vibrant lighting to show Hong Kong the beauty of yachting during the evening. Accompanied by canapés and drinks, the event received appraisal from both visitors and industry professionals alike.The company’s brokerage department held its second brokerage boat show, this time during the evening at the Aberdeen Boat Club Middle Island facilities. The event attracted media and boat lovers from all around the Asia Pacific region.

  1. Asia Yachting Attracts Hundreds of Visitors to Hong Kong’s First Brokerage Boat Show

Visitors expressed their interest in the special offers presented at the boat show, including price reductions up to $1,000,000USD for brokerage yachts and unique financial plans for smaller stock speedboats and wakeboard boats. The arrangement of special offers and price reductions led to the sale of one of the key brokerage yachts on the market during the Asia Yachting Weekend Brokerage Boat Show. Local luxury yacht dealership Asia Yachting held Hong Kong’s first brokerage boat show at the showroom in Ap Lei Chau. Over two visitors were attracted to the event which showcased speedboats from 16ft. to superyachts of 100ft.

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