8 Insanely Smart Ideas for Your Backyard

The coming of the new year gives you an opportunity to improve things in your life. For homeowners, this could mean your indoors, your family, or your backyard. The latter doesn’t get mentioned that much because not every owner has one, but if you do, you can implement smart ideas to level up this space. 

There are gadgets for the outdoors that can perform duties like cleaning the pool, mow the lawn, illuminate the yard at night, and cook food when you’re having a grill. If you’re keen on getting one or more, it helps to know the features and functions of these smart devices. This helps you compare brands to choose the best among many.

Smart Pool Water Monitors

Before you let guests or residents enjoy the backyard swimming pool, it has to become clean and safe first. This typically means scrubbing walls, monitoring the pH levels, and replacing filters. Without doing so, swimmers are put at risk of infections and rashes.

Pool water monitors can help by alerting you of any hazardous elements in the water so that it can be removed. These smart monitors can also track the temperature of the water, the chemical balance in it, and current weather conditions. You’ll be able to check for fallen leaves, small animals, or foreign objects floating around.

Automated Sprinklers

Keeping the grass on your premises watered can become a challenge, especially during the summer months. Sprinklers can usually solve this problem, but homeowners who have work to attend to are better off with smart sprinklers. The latter can direct its water flow to parts of the lawn that need sprinkling, making sure that your grass stays hydrated.

These automated devices can be set to irrigate the lawn or backyard at certain times of the day as well. This lets you go to work or go on trips without having to turn the smart sprinkler on or off first. In doing so, you won’t have to worry about the grass wilting or going brown when rain doesn’t come by often.

Smart Outdoor Lights

What distinguishes standard outdoor lights from smart ones is that the latter can more than illuminating the immediate space. It can be set to turn on or off at dawn or dusk, just when it’s about to get brighter or dimmer. This way, you get to be more energy-efficient at home without constant monitoring.

Smart outdoor lights can be used for backyard occasions like evening parties or cookouts. The color-changing features are an indicator of this, so make sure to hang the lights in ideal spots. This way, you can enhance the festive atmosphere for guests and let them take Instagram-worthy pictures.

Robot Lawn Mowers

Just like how sprinklers can be made to water plants automatically, mowers can also be set to trim the grass without you manning the machine. The device has sensors to prevent it from bumping into obstacles while it mows the lawn. If rainfall starts, the device can automatically turn off to prevent getting the electronics damaged.

Having these robotic lawn mowers can be useful for maintaining the neatness of your yard instead of leaving weeds and other unsightly growth to appear. If you have guests coming over for a backyard barbecue or a weekend party, a quick mowing with this robot lawn device should do the trick.

Smart Coolers

Another cool party addition would be these gadgets for your drinks and other consumables. Smart coolers come with modern features like Bluetooth connections for speakers, and portable chargers for your other gadgets. Others also come with blenders so that you can crush ice or make fruit shakes.

Other smart coolers even act as portable air conditioners. These come with a reservoir that will have to be filled with cold water, which will then be used for the machine to blow chilled air. This can be helpful in sunny or humid summer parties.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Smart cameras can do a better job of upping your security compared to older means of monitoring. You can receive an online video feed of your indoors or outdoors even though you’re not at home. Just make sure to position these cameras at vantage points that can cover blind spots in your home or yard so you won’t miss anything.

Smart cameras can also adjust their resolution, zoom in on objects, pause, record, or capture screenshots. These features obviously require considerable power, but smart cameras usually have two-year battery life guarantees to ensure the devices stay functional.

Smart Cookers

The ideal backyard cookouts wouldn’t be complete without grills. These machines can monitor the temperature of meat while grilling so that it can alert you if it’s cooked sufficiently. Smart grills can also work with other sources besides coal. For example, they can work with natural gas like propane.

For smoking enthusiasts, smart smokers can automatically deliver wood pellets to be burned and give your meats that smokey flavor. These grills also come with automatic cleaners, which can brush the metals after you’re done cooking so that it’ll keep the grease and char off the grill.

Bluetooth Padlocks

An often-overlooked aspect of outdoor occasions would be security. Keep your things locked and safe from prying hands by using Bluetooth padlocks, which uses enhanced connections as opposed to basic mechanisms. These smart devices can connect with your phone, which you can then type the code in so that the padlock can unlock or lock itself. 

Having this feature would benefit guests and residents at any backyard party or gathering that involves multiple people. Having your valuables locked is better than leaving them insufficiently secured, only to find that someone has got the said items. Because it’s connected to phones, smart padlocks can alert owners anytime. 

Smart Backyard Ideas

These devices show that your backyard and the occasions held there can be improved on, provided you invest in the right gadgets. By using smart padlocks, grills, pool cleaners, lights, coolers, home cameras, and such, you’ll help ensure the security, ambiance, cleanliness, food quality, and appearance of your backyard celebrations.

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