6 Unusual Things To Buy From Kerala – Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala, better known as God’s Own Country, is a popular holiday destination in India. While the stunning scenic beauty and relaxing retreat elements of Kerala are the main reason for the popularity of Kerala tour packages, it is one of the finest shopping destinations too. However, shopping in Kerala is a different experience altogether.

So, what all can you shop in Kerala? Here is a complete guide to making the most out of Kerala tour packages:

1: Spices

Kerala is famous for aromatic spices that tease your taste buds. Regions like Kumily, Thekkady and Periyar are popularly known for its stock of freshly harvested nutmeg, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom. You can purchase spices directly from the plantation site where you would also find a host of knowledgeable info about different methods of farming. If you want it handy, try the local shops that sell locally grown fresh spices.

2: Handicrafts

Kerala is also the land of eco-friendly handicrafts, also called coir handicrafts. Made of coconut husk, coir plays a major role in the cottage industry of the state. Choose from an array of colourful coasters, coir mats, and home decor products from any local store.

3: Coffee & Tea

Kerala has the best coffee and tea production units. You can stock up on the supply of coffee and tea on your Kerala tour package in the hilly regions. Visit any local factory around the hilly region to witness coffee and tea production, cultivation and packaging. You can also enjoy wide varieties of coffee and tea. While you are here, do not forget to savour the scenic beauty of tea plantations.

4: Cashew Nuts

Kollam is also called the “cashew capital of the world.” Kollam alone produces 80 percent of the export-quality cashew nuts in India. You can choose from plain, salted, fried and roasted cashews of the freshest quality in Kerala. Not only in Kollam, but cashew is also available in abundance in the entire Kerala state.

5: Kasavu Mundu

Kasavu Mundu is Kerala’s traditional cotton attire worn during festivals and ceremonies. This elegant apparel is made of cotton textile with golden zari border. An amazing range of traditional dhothi and sari is available in the markets of Kerala. Following the ever-changing fashion trends, you may also find some colofrul borders in kasavu mundu.

6: Kathakali Masks

Kerala is a land of traditional culture and heritage. Kathakali is a traditional dance form that originated from Kerala. It is a part of every traditional festival in the state. Dancers adorning colourful face paint and ornate costumes, mark combining theatre, music, and dance, this classic form of art. The masks worn for the dance is a showpiece that eventually becomes a wonderful memoir of Kerala.

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