6 Unique Ways To Use Decorative Mirrors In Small & Ordinary Apartments

Having confined space within your apartment can limit your creativity doing interior design. Most individuals in the modern era prefer having interior designers helping with the organization of decorations to make the homes look more contemporary. Engaging in DIY projects to decorate your home might be tasking when you do not have enough space to play around with. Decorative mirrors are an ideal addition to your small or ordinary apartment when you are willing to explore your creativity. There are different design ideas that can be embraced by homeowners to make their living room, bathroom or hallways look stunning. Let us look at the different design ideas that you may incorporate your decorative mirrors for small and ordinary apartments.

Hanging Pendants

Having pendants in your home is not all about using artwork to create patterns on the wall. Having a mirror pendant on your wall in a patterned design can help to transform your small apartment space to look classy and elegant. The mirrors are cut into several diamond shapes before being hanged on the wall like pendants. With the help of experts, you can create a hole in one corner of the diamond shaped pieces. They may all be of the same size or different sizes depending on your need to decorate the walls. Having them hang in groups of here makes a unique design, and your wall will be attractive and an eye catcher. It will attract the attention of people visiting your home and seeing them in the living room. When hanging the mirror pendants, you may utilize any other shape that you find interesting to you.

You, however, need to have the mirrors cut to size and the precise shape to ensure there is perfection when you hang them. Also, with the diamond shapes mirrors, you should avoid hanging them at the same level. If you have three pieces, you should hang two at the same level while the middle one is hanging slightly lower.  Additionally, check on the position you hang them as it should be strategic and on a wall that is directly opposite your sitting area.

Mirror motifs

Your small apartment can look more amazing if you introduce crystalline shaped motifs on your walls. For most people, they introduce artistic motifs on their walls to attract the attention of the visitors. Motifs may be made of wood, steel, or mirrors. Many pieces of mirrors are stuck to the wall in distinct and unique patterns to make it an eye-catcher.  Your decorative mirrors may be cut into many shapes which are then hang on the wall in your living room to make a motif.

The motif might not have a specific shape, but the pattern you use to stick the decorative mirrors on your wall should be exciting and captivating. Ideally, it is recommended that you should draw a pattern on your wall where you will stick the decorative mirrors. For instance, you may decide to draw a map of a place which you then use mirrors to make it stand out. Try exploring your creativity when using decorative mirrors to create motifs in your small or ordinary apartment.

A Mirror With Splash Bright Colors

Decorative mirrors may be installed with a frame that is painted with splash colors to make it distinct and eye-catching. For most decorative mirrors hang on walls, plain frames are mostly used. This is, however, being overtaken by the use of splash colors on the frames. More than one color can be used to paint the frame which has the decorative mirror. It could be difficult to find a frame that is decorated with splash color that may interest you or make your home look amazing. To avoid going through such difficulty, you can buy different shades of paint from Fab Glass and Mirror and engage in a DIY project where you paint the frame with the colors of your choice. For such a decorative mirror, it would be ideal if you hang it in your living room just above the coaches. Also, it could be installed in a position where it reflects natural light from outside or other accessories within the room.

Mirror Filled Hallway

Having frameless wall mirrors in your house makes space look spacious. The illusion can be intensified by using more than one frameless mirror on the same wall. Usually, the frameless mirrors are installed side by side at considerable distances from each other; you may decide to fill the wall on either side of your hallway. This way, you will create infinite reflections which will make your small apartment look more prominent. Also, you may have one wall of your hallway installed with frameless wall mirrors while the opposite wall has artwork on it. The frameless wall mirrors will reflect the art and form infinite images. Isn’t this interesting enough for your small apartment? With this idea, you are not limited to the shapes of the frameless wall mirrors that you should install. You ought to be dynamic about the shapes and incorporate as many as your space allows.

Oversized floor mirrors

Frameless wall mirrors may be of any size as your interior walls allow. You may have frameless wall mirrors running from your floor to any position on your wall. Mostly, these types of decorative mirrors are placed on the ground at an inclined angle. The angle is to allow for the reflection of the things around the mirror when putting such a mirror in your living room, you need to select a position that does not have much traffic to avoid it being knocked over. The advantage of this type of decorative design is that it also helps in making your room brighter since it reflects light from the outside.

With regard to this, you may want to place the oversized floor mirrors in a position where it receives as much light through your windows as possible. If having more reflection is your ultimate goal, you need to ensure that you select the most appropriate and strategic position at all times. This should be the case even when you place them in the bathroom.

Frameless Wall Mirrors In Front Of The Art

Knowing what you are reflecting in your house is a secret to ensuring you place your decorative mirrors in the right position. Frameless wall mirrors are popular among homeowners due to their ability to reflect items at a wide angle compared to the framed types. If you have a cabinet that has artwork placed on its top, you can utilize the frameless wall mirrors installed behind the art. This can help you to create a reflection which is eye-catching. A frameless wall mirror that has a   high zooming capability is most preferred for this type of decoration. It will reflect the art that is in front of it and make your living room look spacious at the same time. Ideally, you should ensure the frameless mirror is the same with as the cabinet on with the artwork is placed on to give the best reflections.

Ultimately, having a small apartment should not limit your creativity and innovativeness. You should always know about the trending ideas you can incorporate in your home to make it look modern and also captivating.

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