5 Professional Tips To Select Best Suited Round Wall Mirror For Small Residence

A mirror is a must-have item for every home. Behind closed doors, we all spend quality moments in front of our mirrors as we dress, and admire ourselves. In reality, none of us wants to step out of our homes without checking how we look using our mirrors. You only become confident to leave after falling in love with your own reflection. In other words; a mirror is like a secret friend who never lies. A good mirror will always reflect what’s in front of it without exaggeration. Apart from that, mirrors add light and space in any room provided it’s mounted on the right spot.

Generally, mirrors are great assets for decorating your home, adding ambiance and interest in different rooms, brightening and widening some of the darkest & smallest rooms while making our homes impressively beautiful. Whatever the purpose, it is important to ensure that you splurge or choose the right mirror for your small residence. Overall, there are a few things to consider when selecting a best-suited wall mirror for your small home.

Here Are The Top 5 Tips To Consider When Choosing Mirrors


The first thing you should consider when selecting your wall mirror is size. Getting the right size can make all the difference for you. Whether you want a round wall mirror or a bathroom round mirror, you must get the size right. Factors that influence the size of your mirror include the size of the wall, purpose and the impact you want it to make. For large walls, it is imperative to go for extra-large mirrors if you intend on making a bold statement. On the other hand; a small wall will certainly look great with a small-sized mirror. The best way to get the size right is to involve a professional for advice. The beauty of working with a professional is that he/she will take the measurements of your bathroom, living room, dining, bedroom or hallway walls then make their recommendations accordingly. By and large, small mirrors are ideal for reflecting intriguing objects, drawing light and accents while bigger mirrors are great for drawing attention and acting as focal points in any home.


Shape matters a lot as far as choosing a mirror is concerned. Most people have a preference for rectangular and squared wall mirrors due to their traditional look while others have a thing for round wall mirrors, oval, and even triangular ones. Choosing the right shape is important if you want to make a funky bold statement. With this in mind; it is wise to go for a shape that draws the eye. The shape helps to define spaces, add ambiance, and create illusions. Curved and rounded frames are great for creating a whimsical or softer look. Triangle-shaped and starburst-shaped mirrors are awesome for adding quirkiness while a bathroom round mirror will obviously make an attention-capturing statement.


Choosing a mirror may seem easy but it requires smartness. Apart from size and shape, you also need to consider going for the style that fits your lifestyle. You may choose a framed or frameless round wall mirror depending on your personal preference. For those looking for something formal, mirrors with gilded or ornate frames are great. Alternatively, you can opt for wall mirrors that have mosaic frames for eye-catching impressions. Lastly, go for quality wall mirrors with plastic, metal or wooden frames for a sleek look.  The kind of mirror you choose tells a lot about your personality or lifestyle. Elegance should be part a priority if you want to a modern look.

Consider Color

Mirrors come with decorative frames. The beauty of this is that it gives customers many options to choose from. You should always consider going for colors that compliment or contrast the shade of your walls. An attractive decorative frame will certainly capture the attention of anyone who comes into your home. Colored frames including silver and gold make a statement since they add some ounce of elegance to your home. Avoid colors that clash with your walls or even match with them excessively. While choosing the right colors can be a big challenge for many people, you can always seek advice from a professional. In short; be creative to come up with something unique.


Weight matters when choosing decorative mirrors. The last thing you want is to have your mirror falling off due to excess weight. Small mirrors should not give you a reason to get worried since they can be glued to the walls effectively. Nevertheless, large mirrors are much heavier and cannot be fixed using heavy-duty glue. Such mirrors can only be fixed using screws or nails. The thing is; you have to ensure that the weight of your mirror does not end up costing you due to breakage or falling off the wall. The best you can do is to find a reliable professional to install your mirror professionally.


Installing a beautiful mirror on your wall can be the real deal if you get it all right. Use the above information to select the kind of mirror you’ve always wanted.

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