The Special About The Samsung Galaxy S9

As we know, every coin has two sides. Samsung Galaxy S8 has many advantages. In spite of the fact, it also has many disadvantages to which everyone should be acknowledged before buying S8. You can also wait for the next year if you want to use a fabulous gadget, Galaxy S9.

Here are some demerits of S8, which probably won’t be there in S9:

The fingerprint scanner: This feature is not successful, reach to him very uncomfortable but in Galaxy S9, this feature will be very much improved next year. Moreover, it works with low accuracy. The same applies to the iris scanner. If you wear glasses, for the initial scan of the iris. They need to be removed, but you can unlock your smartphone. Unfortunately, even without glasses recognition accuracy also leaves much to be desired.

Camera Color and Sharpness: And in good light Galaxy S8 camera can be called one of the best smartphones. But it is not the best because the camera gives too strong sharpness of images. Galaxy S9 might overcome this problem, next year. In addition, in cloudy weather, and in comparable lighting conditions quickly enough there is noise, which “eats” the fine details of S8 images. In addition to the noise problems, observed colors appear faded. Samsung Galaxy S9, hopefully, would not have these kinds of issues in it.

BIXBY:  Bixby Vision is integrated into the camera app, allowing you to identify the products, texts, pictures and other objects. In spite of all the options, Galaxy Si will definitely come up with an amazing Smart Assistant (AI). Bixby Vision in S8 work cannot be considered reliable.

 In our tests, recognition works amazingly correct, except in rare cases Bixby failed. Samsung, for example, is promised that you can grab any piece of furniture, the information will be displayed and about where it can be bought. But this feature did not work in our tests. In Galaxy S9, AI will not have these kinds of issues and will be an interesting feature with many other qualities, for all.

Display Format: The problem lies precisely in the format. Format display 18.5: 9 is much longer than the 16: 9, resulting in a one-handed operation will not work. Even if the diagonal at the Galaxy S8 does not exceed 5.0 or 5.1″. In addition, if you look closely, the display occupies less space than you might expect. If we consider the rounded corners and borders, we get a total of 83.3%. This issue will probably get overcome with the release of S9 phones with a very much pretty display.

Finger Movement Promises: With Samsung, finger movement promises were there to open and close the applications and features. But in tests, we were only able to display or hide the certain notifications. This is a very disappointing feature of S8 that can be sorted out with the launch of Galaxy S9, next year.

Bad Ergonomics: The biggest drawback of Samsung Galaxy S8 is bad ergonomics due to the narrow scope of the display. It will be better to purchase Galaxy S9 if we really want to get high quality, improved and updated features in our phone.

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