Mini Tuck Holster For Optimal Concealment

Choosing the right kind of concealment holster is important in order to add efficiency to your self-defense. A concealable holster should be an integral part of any gun owner’s arsenal, as it not only helps carry the gun comfortably on a daily basis but also increases one’s safety quotient. It reduces any chances of a gun going off accidentally or a handgun falling down by accident. A good holster also increases efficiency by allowing for an easier draw angle, thus keeping you out of danger in a swift manner.

Concealing sub-compact guns

Subcompact and small compact handguns, such as the Beretta Nano, Glock 26, etc. are small and pretty but pack in a powerful punch. They are almost as powerful as their standard counterparts and are perfect as a personal weapon of choice. Owing to their small size, they are often accepted as the best types of guns to conceal and carry. Once you have assessed the actual and persistent need of carrying a gun at all times, you may want to invest in one such weapon to make your defense tactics well-defined and more streamlined than ever.

CrossBreed Mini Tuck holsters are the perfect type of holster to carry such small guns. They are designed exclusively to house small firepower, where the interior contours and general holster design adhere to the form of the gun. This snug fit is due to the fact that each Mini Tuck holster is custom molded to fit a specific gun model. The holster itself is made of Kydex shell and is mounted on a premium leather backing. This gives the holster an extremely sturdy demeanor, and yet, feels soft to hold. The leather backing is equipped with a “sweat guard”, which absorbs any moisture on the gun, thus keeping it dry and safe for use in all weather conditions.

Look like a professional, and act like one too!

The reason they are called tuck holsters is because the shirt can be tucked in between the holster and the pants. This makes it easy to carry and wear with regular clothing. The Mini Tuck holsters are equipped with metal belt clips, which enable you to reposition the cant angle and the ride height. This degree of customization makes it easy to set the angle of the holster to make for a quick draw. Buy CrossBreed holsters to make your defence strategies stronger, today.


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