How To Wear A Football Jersey For Style

Whether you’ve got a favourite football team or not, football jerseys are one of the most popular wardrobe items. They’re often loud with bright colours, so knowing how to wear a football jersey well so that you ooze with style requires some careful consideration. Here’s how to achieve the look.

Stay Casual

Football jerseys are strictly casual attire, so never let them stray into formal territory. Avoid wearing jerseys with smart pants or loafers, as you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, opt for slim well-fitted jeans or informal shorts.

Choose Muted Accompaniments

Unless you intend to wear your football jersey with matching shorts, pay attention to what you team your top with. Football jerseys are generally brightly coloured, so avoid any colour clashes by sticking to muted tones with your accompanying attire. You can’t go too far wrong with pale or black jeans.

A Good Fit

Premier League players are seen on the pitch wearing football jerseys that sit next to the skin. Unless you posses the body of a top player, choose a top that’s more on the baggy side. It should fit well without clinging to you or drowning you.

Female Style

Football jerseys aren’t just for men: they’re fast becoming a must-have trend for any fashion-conscious female. According to Cosmopolitan, ladies can stylishly wear a man’s football top as a mini dress paired with sky-high heels or teamed with a trendy skirt and statement belt.

Opt for Quality

Choose football team kits from reputable suppliers such as if you want a football jersey that continues to look good over time. Shoddy replicas made from inferior materials may quickly fade, letting your look down.

Focus on Footwear

The brash colours of a football top can easily clash with your footwear, so it’s vital you give this aspect some consideration. Trainers are an obvious choice to consider when wearing a football jersey, and if you want to play it safe, stick to a white pair. Sandals can also work well with this look too when the weather hots up. If you are wearing socks, you might assume you need to dumb down the colour, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You can get away with colourful socks when wearing a football jersey – just ensure that the colours complement each other and don’t cause any clashes.

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