How to Deal With the Fact That You Are HIV-Positive

Getting to know that you are HIV-positive can be earth shattering and you can barely control your feelings – anger, confusion, fear, shock, depression, grief are emotions that are common and perfectly natural. It is common for many people to go through all these a number of times before they can get a handle on it.

The first step in coming to terms with your new status is to appreciate that it is perfectly normal for you to go through the tumult and that ignoring them will not serve any purpose.

It is understandable that you may be feeling afraid that you will become ill, suffer pain, not be able to see your children grow up or a thousand and one things that you had set your hopes on. While being diagnosed with HIV may appear to be a death sentence, you need to know that it is far from the truth and there are many who are leading perfectly normal, healthy and fun-filled lives after being diagnosed HIV positive.

You may also feel that you will be loved less by your family and friends. Instead of blaming yourself or someone else for your misfortune, you should try and develop some sympathy for yourself and learn how to forge ahead to lead a full life. Some other ways that you can maintain your equilibrium:

Knowing Can Help You to Deal with It

There are many people who refuse to get themselves tested because they fear that the result will be positive and their world will be turned upside down. However, as distressing as the knowledge that you have tested HIV positive may be, it is far better that you know because then you can start dealing with it both in terms of treatment and emotional balance. However, before you start processing the information, double check that the correct ELISA protocols had been followed for administering the test and satisfy yourself that the diagnosis is correct.

Authenticate Information before Acting on It

Only by taking action and commencing therapy you can get a chance to slow down or arrest the progression of the disease. It is extremely important to locate the right healthcare provider; ideally, one that specializes in treating HIV-positive people so that you can get the advantage of the current treatment techniques that will allow you to lead as normal a life as possible. Don’t be misled by advertisements or publicity stunts promising miracle cures – they simply don’t exist. Any information that you get from sources other than your healthcare provider should be verified for authenticity before you act on them.

Access a Support Network

An HIV diagnosis brings along with it lots of challenges and to get past them all by oneself can be pretty difficult. To help you to cope with perhaps the most disturbing event in your life, you should look for help and this is very easily available with a support group. You don’t have to rush the process and take into confidence utter strangers immediately but you should not isolate yourself thinking that others will judge you.

Discussing your problems with others facing the same issues can help to alleviate a lot of anxiety and provide practical information on countering both the disease and your fears. Interacting with people who are essentially in the same boat can lend you a great deal of confidence because you know that you are not the only one.


It can take some time before you come to terms with the fact that you are HIV positive. It is vital that you do not rush into making important decisions during this process. Take your time to learn more about the condition, get moral support by participating in a support group, and consult your healthcare provider for the best course of treatment. It is important not to remain emotionally upset but learn how to deal with your status, and forge ahead with your life even if you do need to reset some of your priorities.

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