How Do We Create A Happy And Healthy Work Space?

We spend our most of time in workplace. And for workaholics we breathe and live in the offices. Our work place is like a second home to us. A recent research states that office furniture is one of the key elements which can make or break the work life balance. They create a huge scene of difference and create unrest or satisfaction based on their ergonomics. Most of the jobs require us to sit for long hours in a place. Clinicians and nutritionist have been against this pattern and have asked us to take regular break to stretch our bones. Ironically that critical call or task never gets over and we submerge in the never ending sea of projects and deadlines. Let us take a few essential elements of office furniture London.


The first most important element of office furniture London is chairs. Chairs come in various sizes and types. There are made of various materials like plastic, wood and metal.  Some chairs are cushioned and some chairs come with a mesh. Each chair comes with its own purpose in an office setting. It might be quite a task to find the right chair for us. Some of us are even protective of our chairs. The right chair enhances the mood and productivity level of the organisation. With the advent of industrialisation and modernism, the office chair has come a long way. Way back in the 19th century, office chair were stiff and made of plastic or wood. Today we have roller and adjustable type of chair which provides comfort and increases the zeal of the work place. Ergonomic designed chair with adjustable neck, height and arm rest, executive chairs and mesh chairs are available today to enhance work place quality. This also reduces the impact on the employee’s health and morale.


Desks structure various based on the space availability of the office. Desks are the second most important element of office furniture London. The desks would have to be in the ideal height for easy accessibility. Major offices have different types of desks for people belonging to various levels. The management team will have the best desk made of wood or glass sometimes even both which will have adequate space for movement. The executive team might have small cubicles or partitions with limited space. The desk might or might not come with a storage space. Although it will be preferable to have a storage space

Storage space

Paper work is the boon and bane of the work place. Even with eco-friendly message being passed on regular basis, we do have a lot of documents and files to preserve and manage. The greatest challenge can be finding the right document at the time we need. With limited space availability storage can be a problem. Companies can arrange for overhead storage spaces and separate locker facilities for storage of important documents and files.

The above mentioned elements are the basic essentials to ensure a healthy and happy work environment.

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